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Customer Trust And Preferred Brand Supplier


We strictly control product quality, implement source management, and check at all levels from supplier audit, testing tools to material quality inspection.We insist on implementing high-frequency inspection system from the first article to the end part and the whole process, to ensure the performance, quality and durability of each product meeting customer requirements.

Customer Trust And Preferred Brand Supplier

Testing Center

Vacuum blasting test benches, Pressure-circulation test bed, High temperature aging test rig, Thermal cycle test benches, Vibration testing machines, Stone impact resistance test bench,  Drop weight impact test rig, Electronic stretching-testing machines, Pendulum impact test rig, Carton compression testing machine, Carboard bursting strength machines, 3-D image measuring machines, Roundness measuring instruments, Three-coordinate measuring machine, Salt spray test benches.

Customer Trust And Preferred Brand Supplier


As an innovation-oriented and high-tech enterprise, Xin Tongshi keeps up with the pulse in the age of technological development and establish a powerful technology research and development platform - Xin Tongshi Research Institute, with the forward-looking vision. The company focuses on new product development,technological transformation and innovation, with an innovative R&D team and experienced technical personnel,so that we can develop more than 100 new products every month, and we have been increasing the R&D investment in new technologies and new fields year by year.

Customer Trust And Preferred Brand Supplier


The company owns the advanced machine and equipment as follows:

5 sets of CNC for mold processing, the various lathes, iron centers, grinders, wire EDM, laser cutting and other mold development equipment.

52 Core-assembling machine and production lines. 5 Core-assembling automatic machines

7 Core-assembling semi-automatic machine

32 Fin-making machine and production lines

10 Iron wire-binding machines

30 Crimping machine and production lines

11 Injection molding machines

44 Punching machines

3 All-aluminum welding machine operating by automatic robot  6 Automatic manipulators

15 to 250 tonnages Press machines / High-precision hydraulic presses / CNC shearing machines / High-efficiency laser-cutting machines etc.

Customer Trust And Preferred Brand Supplier


The company owns 5 automatic production lines for  high-frequency welded tubes and 4 brazing furnaces with continuous nitrogen protection. In addition, the company also has production lines for brazed/mechanical passenger car radiators,commercial vehicle radiators,engineering radiators,condensers,heaters,oil cooler,evaporator and hardware accessories, plastic products and molds.